Why - paying it forward?

I’ve been doing pro-bono coaching and teaching for nearly two decades. I firmly believe that we (thought leaders and coaches in the agile community) need to do something to “give back” and I’ve tried to put my money and time where my mouth is…

Here are some things I typically will do to help:

  1. If you’re looking for a personal agile coach/mentor to help you improve, send me a bio and an overview/abstract of where you’re looking for help and also describe why you’ve selected me. I’ll reach out to you to explore it and see if it makes sense for us to collaborate.

  2. If you’re non-profit group or company who would like to bring in a speaker for an internal event, please let me know and we can explore options.

  3. I did a stint in the Army and I’m incredibly bullish on supporting our folks in uniform. If you’re in the military or moving from military to civilian life and learning about “agile” would help you, please reach out to me. I’d love to help you explore how you can translate your military chops to agile chops.

  4. If you’d like to use some of my copyrighted material to help in your learning, please reach out to me with the specifics of your request and I’ll consider it.

  5. If you’re struggling in any way to “pay for” agile coaching and/or training, then reach out to me and I’ll see what I can do personally or via my network to help you. This is less about getting things for free, and more so about finding discounted or low cost options that are still high-quality.

It’s not a 1-Way Street

The key point is this…

I’ve been blessed in my agile journey. Incredibly blessed by folks who gave time and energy to me. And I’d like to help others as much and to the degree that I can.However, you have to be willing and able to do your part. To apply yourself. To work hard. To engage.

And, ultimately, to give back and pay it forward when you are able. If you promise to do that, then I’ll do my very best to help you in your agile journey.