Does anybody remember laughter?

Does anybody remember laughter?

I’m wondering if the #1 metric for agile teams (individuals, groups, organizations) is joy? Or to quote Robert Plant – Does anybody remember laughter?

I’ve often reminisced in my classes that I started developing software for the sheer joy of it. I had fun doing it. It was creative. It was something I could do alone and with teams. It was something that created something useful for a customer/requester and I could deliver it to them and see how it delivered value. It brought be joy.

Then somewhere along my journey the bean counters took over. As did the project managers. The folks who micromanaged me, put more stock in estimates than the work. Folks who, in many cases, didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing. They started pushing me for artificial dates and telling me the wrong thing to build. They didn’t listen to me or treat me like I was a partner. I became a software developing cog in their machine.

And, I lost my joy.

Developing software became a job, a chore, and joy-less. I lost the fun.