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Effectively Measuring Agile Leaders

Effectively Measuring Agile Leaders

Nearly every time I speak, write, teach, or simply think about agile approaches to software development, someone has to bring up measurement. 

And the measures they’re talking about inevitably focus on their teams and/or delivery dynamics. How do we measure our teams? How do we measure the impact of agility? And how do we measure your value as a coach? Are representative of the types of questions I hear.

BUT, if you subscribe to the theory that leadership sets the culture AND that culture drives performance, like I do, then why aren’t we measuring leaders in agile contexts?

The challenge is, what might that look like? Here are some of my thoughts around what we might measure –

The Agile Monk

The Agile Monk

First, this is inspired by an attendee of one of my Coaching Circles.

His name was Amaranatho Maurice Robey and he has an introductory video here - https://youtu.be/ImvuQizaMsE

He inspired me to look at Buddism a bit and I found this wonderful article about Buddhist Monk Habits: https://ideapod.com/10-buddhist-monk-habits-hard-to-adopt-but-life-changing-when-you-do/

I’d like to relate them to an agile mindset, both individually, but importantly, at a Leadership Level. I might even include them in my CAL class in some way…

  1. Outer de-cluttering

  2. Inner de-cluttering

  3. Meditating a LOT

  4. Following the Wise

  5. Listen mindfully and without judgment

  6. Change is the only law of the universe

  7. Living the moment

  8. Focus on one thing

  9. Give it everything you’ve got

  10. Let go of what you can’t control

Here are my agile learnings and reactions from this list: