Leadership Observations

Leadership Observations

I’ve been telling this story (or details) anecdotally in my agile and leadership classes for a number of years. But I thought I’d also capture it in the blog.

My initial goal was simply to capture my observations. But I’d like to hear from others and their experiences.

My working journey…

I started working as a software engineer at Sperry Univac in 1981 and am still working. If my math is right, that’s 37 years and counting.

Ugh, right!

The Agile Monk

The Agile Monk

First, this is inspired by an attendee of one of my Coaching Circles.

His name was Amaranatho Maurice Robey and he has an introductory video here - https://youtu.be/ImvuQizaMsE

He inspired me to look at Buddism a bit and I found this wonderful article about Buddhist Monk Habits: https://ideapod.com/10-buddhist-monk-habits-hard-to-adopt-but-life-changing-when-you-do/

I’d like to relate them to an agile mindset, both individually, but importantly, at a Leadership Level. I might even include them in my CAL class in some way…

  1. Outer de-cluttering

  2. Inner de-cluttering

  3. Meditating a LOT

  4. Following the Wise

  5. Listen mindfully and without judgment

  6. Change is the only law of the universe

  7. Living the moment

  8. Focus on one thing

  9. Give it everything you’ve got

  10. Let go of what you can’t control

Here are my agile learnings and reactions from this list: